Self-Pay Rates

At Endocrine & Diabetes Plus Clinic, our endocrine specialists intend on catering to all patients whether they have insurance or not. Here are the common self pay rates that we have for our patients.

Common ScenariosNew PatientFollow up patient
Straightforward MD visit (includes televisit): single issues that do not involve medication regimens or testing$120$89
(starting May 1, 2021 will be $99)
Moderate MD visit (includes televisit): chronic medical issues, examples are hypothyroidism, diabetes mellites, pituitary disease, etc. MOST COMMON.$150$120
Complex MD visit (includes televisit): more than 3 problems, time consuming issues, uncontrolled disease processes$200$135
Televisitsame as in-person visitsame as in-person visit
Diabetes mellitus routine labs (CMP Lipid A1c)$50
Diabetes mellitus comprehensive labs (CMP Lipid A1c CBC Urine)$75same
Thyroid disease monitoring (TSH, Free T4)$50 same
Hypothyroid comprehensive lab (TSH, Free T4, Total or free T3, TPO, Thyroglobulin ab)$75 same
Hyperthyroidism comprehensive lab (TSH, Free T4, total or free T3, CBC, CMP)
Thyroid Ultrasound$150$150
FNA biopsy 1 nodule (Pathology fees handled by Afirma)$250 + Office Visit$250 (may include office visit)
FNA biopsy 2 nodules (Pathology fees handled by Afirma)$400+ Office Visit$400 (may include office visit)
FNA genetic testing (Fees handled by Afirma)handled by Afirmahandled by Afirma
Placement of continuous glucose monitor (CGM)$200$200
Download and interpretation of CGM$30$30
Updated on October 5, 2020

Please understand that this is subjec to change. Please call the clinic for the most uptodate pricing.