Dear Patient, 

We would like for you to have a pleasant experience at the appointment. Please review the following policies. 

  1. Before your visit, please create an account in the Patient Portal (email sent separately). The patient portal also comes with a an app called Healow as well. 
  2. You may preregister online
  3. Bloodwork may be done at the nearby clinic- Quest or Labcorp. Results will be available via Patient Portal. 
  4. You DO NOT have to fast before the visit as majority of the fasting tests are to be done before 9am. 
  5. Please have your primary care doctor’s information, pharmacy, and relevant lab results with you. 
  6. NEW patients or patients with multiple late cancellations may not be rescheduled, and may be charged a fee. 
  7. Please bring recent lab work or doctors notes. 
  8. Please bring your driver’s license and insurance card. 
  9. Prescription refills must be called to the pharmacy or via the portal. Prescriptions over 6 months will require an appointment prior to refill. Please allow up to 72 hours for prescription refills. If you wish to change pharmacy, please ask them to do this. 
  10. Lengthy and/or large volumes of phone calls and digital communications with office staff and/or the doctor may be subject to additional charges to your insurance carrier (if these communications are not related to a recent appointment). 
  11. Requests for letters, forms, and other clerical work may be subject to additional charges to your insurance carriers. Some of these request may also take 5 to 7 days. 
  12. Please have records faxed to us at 832-968-7713.
  13. If you receive a bill from an outside lab (Quest, Lab Corp), please call them to inquire about it. For self pay patients, we do have an arrangement with LabCorp which may help you. 
  14. Billing department makes errors. If you receive a large bill from our office, DO NOT PANIC. Please contact your insurance first, then inform us of the situations, so that we may correct any error.

Policies subject to change without notification.