How to treat Diabetes on a budget


Diabetes care can be expensive so here are some tips: I have noticed Walmart offers the most cost-effective options.

What do I do about Meter/strips?

Meter and Strips are crucial to know the status of your blood sugars.

  1. Reli-on meter is only $9
  2. Reli-on Test strips are equally cheap

For T2 diabetes requiring Pills:

  1. Metformin is effective and affordable.
    • Typically $4 at Walmart for one month’s supply.
    • Some experience diarrhea or bloating as a side effect which only lasts 1 week.
  2. Pioglitazone (Actos) 15mg is also both an effective and affordable drug.
  3. Sulpholyureas: Less favorites are the class containing glipizide and glimepiride.
    • cost-effective drugs ($4-$10 for 30 days)
    • Can cause hypoglycemias if you skip meals

For those requiring insulin:

  1. The long active NPH insulin is $25/vial which holds about 1,000 units of insulin
  2. The short-acting Insulin Regular is also $25/vial (which holds 1,000 units of insulin)
  3. Some Insulin companies now have a cheaper cash price option for the newer Insulin. More information to follow