• Frequently Asked Questions
    Endocrinologist answering frequently asked questions from the web.
  • Cigna Endocrinologist
    Cigna Endocrinologist Diabetes Specialists Dr. Jongoh Kim and Dr.Libu Varughese are Cigna endocrinologists who are also diabetes specialists. As endocrinologists, we use the latest […]
  • Billing Department
    Billing We are using a billing company called MDintouch.  Patients can call 786-522-7842 with any questions they have on their […]
  • Special Labs- Sheet
    Name of Lab (Not commonly ordered) Price TSI 40 Thyroglobulin LCMS 40 GAD 65 45
  • Self-Pay Rates
    At Endocrine & Diabetes Plus Clinic, our endocrine specialists intend on catering to all patients whether they have insurance or […]