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Have you found losing weight difficult? You’ll have a better chance at victory when your weight loss journey is guided by experts at Endocrine & Diabetes Plus Clinic. Dr. Jongoh Kim and Dr. Libu Varughese, work very hard helping you at every aspect of weight loss, which includes medications, meal plans, exercise tips, and stress management. Find out more about the physician-supervised weight-loss program, call the offices in Houston, Texas, or Memorial City, Texas to schedule a prompt appointment or use the online booking feature

Obesity Q & A

What is Obesity?

Obesity is a state of excess body weight in excess proportion to your height. When your body mass index is above 30, then it is considered to be obesity. Body mass index (BMI) can easily be calculated using online resources.

How does being overweight affect my health?

Obesity or overweight is known to cause many medical conditions, some of which you are already familiar with.
The fat cells actively release hormones and biochemicals that cause inflammation in your body leading to health complications.
When you’re overweight, you’re at a higher risk for:
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Obstructive sleep apnea
  • High blood pressure/Hypertension
  • High cholesterol/Dyslipidemia
  • Cardiovascular diseases such as heart attacks and strokes
Cancers such as breast cancer, endometrial cancer, and colon cancer are associated with excess body weight.
The excess weight also puts pressure on your joints such as knees leading to osteoarthritis sooner.
In addition, being heavier places extra stress on your joints, making you four to five times more likely to develop knee osteoarthritis compared to those who aren’t overweight.


How does physician-supervised weight loss help me lose weight?

Your weight loss journey with Dr. Varughese and Dr. Kim begins with an in-person consultation which includes history, physical, and labs. It is important to run blood tests to determine whether you have any hormonal imbalances or complications from obesity that needs to be addressed first.
When you team up with the endocrinologist for weight loss, you will gain expert advice and information. You are more likely to succeed in weight loss when you receive ongoing support, encouragement, and accountability from medical professionals like Dr. Kim and Dr. Varughese. They care about you and want to be your health care companion.

What weight loss services might I receive?

Dr. Varughese and Dr. Kim will customize each patient’s weight loss program based on their overall health and the amount of weight they need to lose. However, services that are beneficial for most patients include:


Medical management

There is no substitute for a healthy diet and exercise. We have several prescription medications that boost your weight loss efforts in addition to lifestyle changes.
Weight loss medications have different mechanisms of action. Some work by lowering your appetite, while other block absorption of fat.
It is important to also treat the underlying problems such as diabetes or thyroid problems. When left untreated, it can lead to roadblocks to your weight loss journey.


Lifestyle changes

Medications are only a short term option. The long term method is lifestyle changes. Dieting helps you lose weight and exercises keep them off. Limiting your daily calories is crucial. Dr. Varughese and Dr. Kim will help you with diet and exercise plans you can stick with. This will also help to avoid falling short on nutrients while cutting down on calories.
If you’re ready to get serious about losing weight, call Endocrine & Diabetes Plus Clinic of Houston or book an appointment online.


Can I see the doctor via Telemedicine or virtual visits?

Telemedicine, in this case, Tele-Endocrinology is the way of the future. Instead of house calls, Dr. Kim and Dr. Varughese are able to meet with you virtually. All you have to do is simply log into the link that will be provided to you prior to the appointment. You can use your computer, tablet, or smartphone, you have immediate access to online endocrinology care, including face-to-face chats with Dr. Kim or Dr. Varughese. Learn More

In addition to getting the medical care you need from the comfort of home, telemedicine provides quick and convenient two-way communication. You can message the team at Endocrine & Diabetes Plus Clinic of Houston with questions or concerns, while Dr Kim & Dr. Varughese can reach out to you to follow up on treatments or monitor your medications.

Am I a good candidate for telemedicine/tele-endocrinology?

At Endocrine & Diabetes Plus Clinic of Houston, we believe in open access between the doctor and the patient. All patients are potentially eligible for endocrine virtual visits, however, this is limited by the restrictions instituted by the insurance companies.