At Endocrine & Diabetes plus Clinic of Houston, we try to find ways to help our diabetes patients. This Blog page is to equip and help address this issue.

  • How to Use an Insulin Pen – Mayo Clinic Patient Education
    This is a good video by the Mayo Clinic on how to use an insulin pen. Please go to Youtube to see the following video.
  • How to Measure Your Blood Sugar – Mayo Clinic Patient Education
    There is a very good Youtube video on how to measure your blood sugars by the Mayo Clinic. Please see the video on Youtube at the following link:
  • How to share FreeStyle Libre data
    Sharing FreeStyle Libre with your doctor For those who use FreeStyle Libre on their phones.  Now it is easy to share your glucose data with your doctor! Start sharing your data from your […]
  • Metformin ER safety warning
    Please note: Some Metformin ER tablets are being recalled due to contamination. Please check with your pharmacy.
  • My Diabetes emergency plan
    Diabetics especially Type 1 diabetics should have an emergency plan. As an endocrinologist, I was a first-hand witness to the issues that faced our diabetic patients both during Hurricane Harvey and COVID 19. […]
  • $35 Copay for Humalog by the Lilly Insulin Value Program
    Many of our patients are affected economically and physically by COVID 19, this is further worsened by the rising cost of medications. At Endocrine & Diabetes Plus Clinic, we are focused on cutting […]
  • How to inject insulin from a bottle
    The very first time to inject insulin with insulin syringe and bottle can seem daunting. Thankfully, there are many videos that teach us how to safely administer insulin. Please watch the video by […]
  • Insulin self pay option-VALyouSave Program flyer from Sanofi
    I wish more companies will bring out options for self-pay insulin prices for our patients. Here is a flyer that might be useful to you all. Additionally you can read more at the […]
  • Kroger Savings Club
    At Endocrine & Diabetes plus Clinic of Houston, we try to find ways to cut the cost of medications for our patients. Here we introduce the Kroger savings club to you.  Kroger in conjunction with GoodRx started a prescription savings program that may benefit some of our patients. Some of the commonly prescribed generic medications that help treat diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol (Dyslipidemia) are listed.