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Bellaire Location

Sugarland Location

New York

Dr. Jongoh Kim, Endocrinologist in Houston
Dr. Libu Varughese

When work and life prevents you from making it to the doctor during regular hours, telemedicine is the right option for you. For people in Houston, Texas, the team at Endocrine & Diabetes Plus ClinicDr. Jongoh Kim and Dr. Libu Varughese offer excellent diagnostic and treatment care. Schedule an appointment today to learn more, and to begin a path toward relief. You can book in just moments online or by phone.

Bellaire Location

Monday to Thursday

5420 Dashwood Dr. Ste 301
Houston, Tx 77081

Sugarland Location

Wednesdays only

Dr. Varughese only

1441 Hwy 6, Ste 100
Sugarland, Tx 77478

Memorial City Location

Fridays only

915 Gessner Rd.
Ste 301
Houston, Tx 77024