General Rules for Lab Order

  1. Please keep the paper copy of all lab and imaging orders from the clinic visit. Patients are expected to retain a copy of these orders. 
  2. Labs are usually sent electronically to “PSC” (patient service center) locations. In other places, you will need the paper lab slip.
  3. Electronic orders last in the system for 6 months, the paper orders last forever. If your next appointment is greater than 6 months, please obtain the lab orders.
  4. Follow up patients, please do labs 1 week before the next appointment. 

Blood Testing Locations


  •  Find a Labcorp location using your zip code
  • A dedicated “PSC” (patient service center) location on the list will receive your lab orders electronically. 
  • If you got to a non-“PSC” location, then you will need the paper copy of the blood work order. 


  •  Find a Quest lab location near you. 
  • You may need an appointment. 
  • A dedicated “PSC” location will have the lab orders electronically for 6 months.  A non- “PSC” location will require you to have a paper copy of the lab order. 


  • Find a CPL lab location 
  • Our system does not talk to CPL, so you will need to have a paper copy of the lab orders. 
  • Please make sure that they fax the results back to us. 

Any other labs not listed above

  •  If you use another facility such as you primary care doctor’s lab or a hospital lab, then you must TAKE THE PAPER COPY OF THE LAB ORDER
  • We strongly advised that you bring a copy of those results with you to your visit since we may not receive the fax results in time.
  • Please be advised that it is your responsibility to obtain the lab results from another doctor. 
  • We strongly believe that the patient should have a copy of all their own lab reports. Please ask if you need a copy. 

Fasting Instructions

  • If your labs were supposed to be done fasting, please do not eat anything after midnight. No food, gum, tea, or juices in the morning. Un sweetened water is okay. Please take your morning medications with a sip of water. 
  • Typically, these labs should be done before 9 am. Please plan accordingly.